Why Canada is the perfect place to study abroad

“I opted for Canada to study abroad because of the destination, English speaking country, top universities and influencing education culture of the country. The standard of living is very impressive. And most importantly, being a student, I get part time job opportunities. This makes it Canada an ideal place for study abroad and I would suggest the same to the aspiring students also,” shares Gurpreet Singh Gill, who went Canada last year from Delhi for Post Graduation studies in Engineering. Without denying the fact, Canada is one of the top destinations for study abroad as the country usually plays host to around 100,000 or more international students. The top-notch universities, education system of the country coupled with standard of living entice international students. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec cover for the largest foreign-student population and they all provide a vibrant and lively atmosphere. In Canada, students can pleasantly combine an enriching academic life with diverse and entertaining leisure activities. There are plenty of reasons which make Canada a perfect place to study abroad. Let’s have a look –

  • English is not a barrier here. Though the country has an equal status of English and French speaking but one can survive with only English too.
  • Universities of Canada are known for their research-intensive techniques. They boast of good curriculum, academic performance and high employability rate. To name a few are University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Montreal and University of Alberta.  (You can approach GTK Overseas for a complete list of universities and their offerings). The choice is galore in terms of schools, universities, research institutions and courses to opt for.
  • Canada not only provides quality education but an affordable education for international students as compared to other countries. The cost of living is too nominal here. One can survive with a part time job to generate daily expenses and a good basic living.
  • A very important factor for an international student is the safety and most importantly for his/her parents. Canada is one of the safe countries with a low crime rate. In terms of social development; Canada comes in the top rankers.
  • Canada is a friendly country with multicultural environment where one will find people from different religions, cultures. Hence students get an opportunity to interact with different class of people and make new friends. You will find different religions places and restaurants of different countries which make you feel home away from home.
  • With degree from Canada universities, one can easily work in Canada. So job opportunities are plenty. Many scholarships are too on the offer for Canada, which make it one of the ideal destinations for study abroad.

These all reasons are enough to make Canada an ideal and popular destination for Study abroad and the growing number of students is quite visible every year.

If you are interested to Study in Canada, and wondering from where to start, plan a counseling session with GTK Overseas today and get on to the path of fulfilling your dreams. 

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