Tips & Tricks to clear IELTS Reading Test with good score

Hard work, right strategy and thorough practicing are the basic mantra to crack the IELTS exam with good band score for studying overseas. The exam is divided into four sections – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and every section has its own importance. Today, we throw some light on Reading Test of IELTS, what key points to be considered to score achieve good score.

There are three sections in the reading test. There are several questions in each section (true/false, multiple choice, short-answer type, sentence completion, etc) and you get 60 minutes to read the texts and answer the questions. Therefore, one should know how to tackle them. You have to work fast so that you can answer right and within the stipulated time. It needs consideration, understanding and focus. 

  • Time management – Right use of time is the key to score good band score. You have to read the text and answer the questions too correctly. So a practice and knowledge on the type of questions can help you to achieve your objectives. It is always advisable to keep the difficult questions for the end to avoid wastage of time. Read the text and the questions simultaneously. No point of exceeding the word limit and wasting time. And of course, the more you practice the more you will be able to clear the test perfectly.
  • Read the task carefully and what kind of questions are they. For example, in true / false questions, some statements are partly true and partly false and answer to such questions is always false. Understand the options thoroughly in matching tasks.
  • Have a skill of scanning the words. Move eyes quickly on the words hunting for. No need to read unnecessary information and save time. You should have good recalling power for words and information. Understand the paragraphs and what kind of information it has so you don’t need to read them again and again.
  • Then don’t disturb yourself with unknown words. If you don’t know the meaning, it’s completely alright. You can understand the word by reading the sentence. You are not allowed to carry dictionary in the exams!

So these are the most relevant tips and tricks for IELTS reading test which can save your time and help you to give correct answers and thus, the good band score to fulfill your mission. GTK Overseas gives proper counseling and classes for the same. If interested in classes, you may contact us and you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we keep sharing important tips for IELTS exam.

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