Study Abroad Post Covid-19

Yes, You can…

As per the data by Ministry of External Affairs, there were nearly 8 lakhs Indian students enrolled in foreign universities in the last year, where the popular destinations were US, UK, Australia, Europe and Canada. But the pandemic situation of Covid-19 this year, has impacted the enrolment badly, with students prefer to take classes online and they are in dilemma still whether to opt for admissions in the upcoming semesters or not. It is a big concern question. Some are worried about health issues, some are worried for getting visa application processed, job availability is another concern and travel restrictions too can’t be ignored. As we are entering into the ‘new normal’, GTK Overseas and Education Consultant would suggest one should consider their study abroad dreams without getting impacted by the currently prevailing situation due to various reasons.

Universities and colleges are working really very hard to bring back the students. They are not only announcing the admissions but also coming up with proper health guidelines to be followed. Some have announced to replace mass gathering lectures with small group lectures to maintain social distancing. They are restricting number of students to libraries, dividing residential areas in dormitories. Also, good news is some universities are offering deferrals depending the duration of the course.

In addition, many countries have witnessed reduced cases of Coronavirus and coming back to ‘new normal’. Travel is no more a restriction as from India, some flights as part of ‘air bubble scheme’ of Indian Government have already begun and soon, international travel will open and spread. Also, visa offices have started opening their doors so there is no question of visa process is hampered. And once the situation is normal, job sector will too boom.

Considering the above factors, GTK Overseas suggests you not let the crisis bring you back down and put a question mark on your study abroad dreams. You should keep chasing your Study Abroad Dreams, explore the opportunities and prepare yourself for your bright future. We are at your service for any kind of counselling for the better decision of your future and clear all your doubts. Contact us now and fulfill your Study Abroad Dreams. 

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