GTK Group offers a full-fledged coaching in Communicative English studies.

Excellent training is imparted to students to communicate clearly so that barrier could be avoided into every working sectors like merchants and entrepreneurs find it highly helpful and easy to get. Personal guidance is extended to those who are weak in English language.

As we are living in 21stcentury where Formal Education is often inadequate to meet the modern language requirements. However, Teachers, Journalists, Marketing executives other such professionals require high proficiency in English language to mark a good career. Our classes are highly beneficial to improve communicative English and widen their scope.

Moreover, this course is designed to improve the fluency of everyone either it’s students or adults with highly or lower designated one& many others. Simplified grammar with basic vocabulary focusing on conversational skills is practiced to perfection. As per the timings of the office classes are scheduled according to the students’ convenience. We have classes from 10.30 A.M to 05.30 P.M and the duration of these class are 30 – 90 Days. Students can attend classes according their free time, as per the above mentioned details.

Our unique ways of assessment helps us to group our students effectively.

We have two different levels in English courses Beginners and Advance.

 Skills Set (Dual Course Which Includes IELTS)
Main Areas
  • Tenses
  • Passive
  • Models
  • There is /are
  • Auxiliary
  • Verbs
  • Questions
  • Jumbled Words & Sentences
  • Pronouns and Possessives
  • ‘A’ and ‘The’
  • Prepositions