QUICK TIPS – Beat the study abroad homesickness

Studying abroad in a new city, new environment, new culture and with new people, is of course a sense of excitement for any student. But leaving your family and friends, your home is an emotional distress at the same time. It is difficult initially to settle in the new environment, being deprived of Maa ke Haath Ka Khana (Food made by mom), the comforts of home, and so on. Homesickness is the biggest challenge for one who moves overseas for studies. But to concentrate on your studies, one should remove these homesick glasses so that one can see the new environment and gets adapt to it. Here we bring some quick tips for you to deal with homesickness while studying in abroad.

  • First and foremost, explore your new place as a tourist. Go to the popular sites and attractions, check out cuisines, markets and history so to adapt to the new world. Once explored the places, find out where you feel comfortable, which restaurant you are obsessed too or whatever you like to cook at your new place and make them part of your daily life. Try to keep yourself busy.
  • Try to get involved! Universities generally organise fun activities, so engage yourself in this. This will help you to make new friends. The more you will be social, the more life will be better for you.
  • Never lose contact to the home. Today it is very easy to remain connected with the family through video calls, live videos, sending pictures, etc. Through video calls, you can see and talk to them. A sense of feeling close to them!
  • If you are any kind of trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your host university staff, neighbours or friends. This will make you feel at home. Mostly, all the universities have international student support services. All you have to do is to ask. 
  • On weekends, rather than sitting sad at home, either plan holiday with friends to the nearby cities or you can opt for part time jobs to keep yourself busy.

Don’t let homesickness ruin your life. Studying abroad can be the best time of your life – full of fun, new learning and making your future bright. Don’t leave with regrets because you were busy being homesick in your room and didn’t take advantage of the new opportunities out there. Remember, homesickness is a short-term emotion while your study abroad experiences and memories will long last a lifetime. Make the most of it!

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