Part-time jobs for international students

Once they go abroad for studies, part time jobs are considered important and a major concern for most of the Indian students so to have that “extra cash” to run their daily routine life there. And the good news is that many countries allow international students for part-time jobs but with some restricted timings say 10-20 hours a week while there are few countries which ask for special work permits (but this is a rare case now!).

Australia which is considered as the most expensive destination for study abroad, allows international students for part-time work upto 20 hours a week. Even during course break, there is no restriction on workings for the students. Canada is another popular study abroad destination where most of the students prefer to stay back post students and work. According to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), students have both the options of working on campus and off-campus. In 2014, Canada removed Off-Campus Work Permit Program so that students no need to apply for work permits while studying in Canada. Also in Europe, there is a liberal policy of part time job opportunities.

What kind of jobs you can opt for? Working on campus is one of the common jobs which many international students opt for. There are plethora of job options at bars, restaurants and cafes surrounding the town and city. And this is the most popular easy way of employment. Restaurants also look for help, so one can find jobs here easily. Then libraries, call centres, volunteering are some of the other job options for the students.

So, don’t worry for your expenses while studying abroad. There is flexibility for part time jobs in most of the countries and at the same time, options are also many to opt for jobs. This can’t deter your dream of studying abroad. For more details on working while studying abroad, contact GTK Overseas.

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