How to write an effective SOP

Writing statement of purpose (SOP) holds importance, skills and clarity for any process of study abroad. Every SOP is different. Each one has its own style, purpose of writing that one’s SOP might not work for the other. However the process of writing an SOP remains the same. There are few basic steps which are followed for any SOP writing. After all, a good written SOP attract the admission officers who selects few hundred from the thousands SOPs they receive.

  1. Make a list of your achievements – One should jot down a list of all the achievements/qualifications in school, graduation (if the SOP is for post-graduation course) or seminars. All the academic/scholastic achievements to be listed in details, considering what all can be relevant related to the course you are opting for. No need to worry about the order. Simply, list out whatever comes in the mind.
  2. Define the purpose clearly – You need to be very clear on what do you want to do, what is your aim, what are you looking for your future endeavours. And this calls detailing of your professional and personal goals in details. You can talk about your journey so far also, so that the other person can easily figure out what all you have done or planned for your ambitions. At this stage, it should be clear that why you are writing an SOP.
  3. Pick and choose relevant – Now here comes the stage of cutting and chopping of the list you have prepared in the first point. Pick the most relevant/important points to be enlisted as priority. Word limit should be considered. SOP should have a right balance of what you all want to include and not.
  4. Relate your SOP with University/college projects – To let the examiner/faculty know that you have done a research and you are a relevant candidate, it is important do some research on projects which you can link with your achievements or interests. And you can mention this in your SOP too.
  5. Write an SOP, go through it once, make changes if required and re-write it as final draft – This is the last and important step which everyone should follow so that there should be no scope of any error or missing anything or giving some information which is irrelevant or false.

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