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Founded in 2013 by our CEO, Mr. Gurmit Singh, GTK Group Inc. We are very proud to serve the 9 thousand customers who choose to travel with us each year and, are focused on transforming our business so that we can serve even more customers in ways that deliver better their holiday dreams. Our high-quality services guarantee the best experience for travellers visiting Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Russia and many more. Our team, of both locals and expatriates, will make your holiday a memorable moment.

We are seasoned experts in the field of Overseas Education and Immigration driven towards broadening both academic and working perspectives of international students since 2013.

We are affiliated with highly rated professionals in Academics, Psychology, Language Development and Educational Counselling, and offer top class End to End Consultancy centered on personality development aimed at developing a fully rounded individual with a higher chance of securing admission and succeeding at renowned universities. Over the years, our success rates have earned us the trust of thousands of satisfied clients. Through the procurement of the best practices in international education consultation, we offer professional guidance to our clients, from career counselling to the point of visa filing. By aligning full experiential support with our core values and ethics, we motivate and assist our clients in making sound career choices essential to the attainment of their personal goals.

With a bid to promoting a sense of identity and cultural awareness, GTK offers meticulously structured immigration and career counselling services which are inbound to students knowledge enhancement, excellent preparation for various tests, university selection, credits selections for the initial year, and student Visa filing and acquisition.

If you have the following questions –
  • Which is the right university or institution to opt for?
  • Which is the best course to opt and what would be the career outcomes?
  • How to get informed for intakes on/applications on?
  • Who will assist in application process?
  • How to crack IELTS with good band score?
  • What would be the visa process?


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We have answer to all these questions. You approach us and our highly experienced education consultants and professionals will leave no stone unturned to give you a proper and genuine guidance.

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